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Best Short 404 Not Found Jokes

These are our top 404 not found puns. Have fun with a good 404 not found joke in English with simple 404 not found humour.

  1. If the most "classic" joke is #80085, which one is the most original? \#404: Joke not found
  2. Every day at my 4 PM computer science class that the teacher is late to... "4:04 teacher not found"
  3. The CEO of Google was late to a press conference scheduled for 4:00... 4:04 Page not found.
  4. Research says most people who have gotten lost, are last seen around 4.04 pm Error 404 not found
  5. What did the web developer say when he couldn't find his car in the parking lot? 404. Car not found.
  6. So I went downstairs to check the time on a clock... But it was saying 4:04: Time Not Found!
  7. My friend said he found a website that represents my s**... life. I tried to look for it and an error came up saying, "404-Not found".
    Strange, I must have a bad connection.
  8. I tried uploading my s**... tape to PornHub. I got error 404 file not found :(

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404 Not Found One Liners

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  1. High quality Poem Error 404
    Your Haiku could not be found
    Try again later
  2. Error 4:04 Sleep not found
  3. I just got an AMBER alert that won't open... It says: error 404 child not found
  4. Amelia Earhart and Jimmy Hoffa walk into a bar. [ERROR 404: NOT FOUND]
  5. I googled 'missing medieval servant boy' 404 paige not found
  6. Chuck: 'hey Jim, what's the date today?' Jim: 'ERROR 4/04 DATE COULD NOT BE FOUND
  7. Sadly, I've lost 20% of my sight 404 vision not found.
  8. It's 4:04, you know what that means! Nevermind, 404 not found.
  9. High quality poem Error 404
    Your haiku could not be found
    Please try again
  10. My brother told me this today. Malayasia flight 404 not found.
  11. Your father is so absent... When I Google searched him it returned: Error 404 Not found.
  12. I voted for 404: page not found Thank God I voted for Hillary
  13. I woke up randomly at 4:04 this morning. Sleep not found.
  14. MH370 was the 404th Boeing 777 to be produced... Error 404: Airplane not found
  15. Error 404 page not found Well I hope they find her soon!

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