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Funny 401k Jokes and Puns

I signed up for my companies 401K...

But I don't think I can run that far.

I didn't signup for the 401K at work

because I don't think there is anyway I could run that far

My boss wanted me to sign up for the company 401k.

I told him, "No way, do you have any idea how far that is?"

Everyone says I should sign up for a 401k

but I don't think I can run that far.

The people at my new job must be pretty fit...

They asked me if I wanted to sign up for their 401k, i can barely even run a 5k.

So I am not signing up for my company's 401K...

There is no way I could ever run that far.

My work signed me up for a 401k

But I've never even run a marathon

Which race is the most profitable to run?

A 401K

I want to start a 401k

But I don't think I can run that far.

My company has a 401k program.

I was gunna join, but I figured there's no way I can run that far.

I asked my boss if the company has a 401k I can participate in.

He told me I'm too fat to run that far.

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What did the banker get for Christmas?

My 401k

What do you call a miniature pension?

Warhammer 401k

My boss offered me a 401k

...but I can't run that far :(

I was going to sign up for a 401k

but what's that... 250 miles?

What do you call the tabletop for investment fund managers?

Warhammer 401(k)

Having unprotected sex is like having a 401(k)...

You have to know when to pull out

My company is organizing a "fun" activities for the new year.

I signed up for the 401K but I don't think I can run that far.

My 401k is so small

I might as well call it a 404K!

A 401K is a really long foot race that people spend years building up for.

To run a 5K is mere child's play.

Everyone jokes about running away and joining the circus. But I hear they have a great 401K program and competitive benefits.

Too bad the pay is peanuts.

They should make a tabletop game about space marines saving for retirement

Call it Warhammer 401k

My job keeps asking me to sign up for a marathon.

I keep telling them I can't. I'm out of shape, I have weak knees, and 401k is a long way to run.

Getting married for more sex

is like becoming a suicide bomber for the dental plan and 401K; you're probably not going to see those benefits.

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