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  1. What do you call it when somebody kills a perfect circle of religious leaders? A 360 No-Pope
  2. I really dislike people doing Michael Jackson impressions Whenever I see one, I turn 360 degrees and walk away.
  3. Whats the similarity between the xbox 360 and Michael Jackson * Both have been black
    * Both are made from plastic
    * And children turn them on
  4. As soon as I entered the classroom I knew I was going to fail my maths test. So I did a 360 and left.
  5. If you want to go to heaven, make sure your sin count is divisible by 360. Because sin(360)=sin(0).
  6. The XBox One X is Microsoft's new console The short of that is XBOX, they've now come full circle, or 360.
  7. I am impulsive and erratic, and constantly making 360° turns. I just don't get why I keep going in the same boring direction.
  8. What is smarter? What is smarter, longitude or latitude?…Longitude, because it has 360 degrees.
  9. Chuck Norris can do the splits in mid air,rotate his hips 360" so fast it lifts him off the ground thus making the Chuck Copter!
  10. I stepped on the scale today and I only weighted 150 lbs. Not sure why the dial spun a full 360 before it stopped on 150 though.

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  1. How qualified is a circle? It has 360 degrees.
  2. What temperature do you bake two pies? 360 degrees
  3. What was Princess Diana's favorite thing about the Xbox 360? The dashboard.
  4. I burnt my hand on a round stove plate. It was 360 degrees.
  5. I gave my XBOX a 360, it was fun... And I was like: "Wii!"
  6. What did the gamer say when he assassinated the Pope? 360 NO POPE!!!!
  7. My girlfriend said I was terrible at maths. So I did a 360 and left.
  8. What temperature do you bake 2pi? 360 degrees.
    Trigonometric joke I created myself
  9. Xbox, Xbox 360, Xbox One..... Xbox 2π
  10. Why is Xbox 360's successor called Xbox One and not Xbox 720? Cos 720 is 1
  11. Why did the circle go to college? To get 360 degrees
  12. I used to be terrible at geometry But I turned that around 360 degrees
  13. How does a Call of Duty player like their ice cream? With a 360 no scoop.
  14. Is it true that the French Government banned the Xbox 360 and PS3 back in the day? Wii
  15. How do you know if a blonde has been playing with your Xbox 360?
    The joystick is wet.

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Yo momma is so poor for Christmas she took a box, put two sticks on it, spun it around, and said, "Here's your Xbox 360."

Chuck Norris round house kicked the xbox and made the xbox 360.

Yo momma is so poor for Christmas she got a box, put two sticks on it, spun it and said son here's your xbox 360.

Ever since I took geometry at school, my life has turned around 360 degrees.

I'm gonna spend Valentine 's Day with my ex... Box 360.

p**... and Murphy are on a rollercoaster and are about to do a 360 degrees loop...

p**... says "Do you think we'll fall out when we go round?"
Murphy says "No, we'll always be friends"

What skateboard trick did the t**... do?

a**... 360.

What keeps the planet spinning?

Little kids doing 360-noscopes

Why should you jump and twirl in the air?

Because you'll be 360 degrees

I made a 360 degree turn in my life

my life stayed the same

What do you call a 360° shooting range?

A shopping mall

Why is your mom like a 360 noscope?

Cuz I wouldn't hit that.

What did the Call of Duty player say when he assassinated the pope?


So you married your Xbox 360...

...Well you better have got her a red ring. I hear she likes those.

What Would You Do To A Retro Game To Make It Seem More Modern?

Mario being able to do a 360 No Scope

What band does a wannabe join?

Rock Band for the XBOX 360

What do you call a h**... that was shot by a s**...?

360 hoscope

So I heard they've discontinued the Xbox 360...

I guess it's an ex-box now.

iPhone 7 is revolutionary!

•no headphones jack
•no wireless charging
•no curved screen
•no 4K resolution (or even full HD) screen
•no VR headset support
•no 360 camera support
•no expansion storage slot
It is true revolution in scamming people to upgrade from old iPhones!

Why do they call it the Xbox360?

Because when you see it, you turn 360 degrees and walk away.

Why is Anderson Cooper's show called 360 degrees?

Cause he's not straight

Gambling in Vegas

My friend came back from Las Vegas once. He told me the slot machines are easy to win big at. He went to town in a $20,000 Nissan, left in a $360,000 Porsche.
I thought "nice, I'm going to get in on that." So I left for Vegas in my $30,000 Toyota. Came back in a $800,000 vehicle.
A Greyhound bus.

An interesting fact about owls.

Their heads can rotate up to 360 degrees before it comes off in your hand.

What should you do if your xbox 360 gets the red ring of death?

Buy a PS3

What do you call a seagull fresh out of the oven?

A 360 degree tern.

With Trump's recent statement to clarify his remarks in Helsinki he really turned things around

A whole 360°

I used to be addicted to getting fake certifications online...

I had 360 degrees before I turned myself around!

How hot is a circle?

360 degrees

Four women were talking to one another about their sons, whom all were men of the cloth

The first woman said, "I'm so proud of my son. He's a monsignor, and when he enters the room, everyone calls him 'His Holiness.'" The second woman said, "My son is a Cardinal, and everyone calls him 'His Excellence' when he enters a room." The third woman said, "My son is a bishop, and when he enters a room, they say, 'His Emminence has entered the room.'" The fourth woman said, "My son is only a preist, but he's 6' 7" tall and 360 pounds and when he enters a room everyone says 'Oh my God!'"