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  1. Roy Moore refuses to concede the Alabama Senate race. He keeps insisting that the black votes should only count for 3/5ths.
  2. Did you hear burger King is promoting a black Whopper? McDonalds responded by introducing a 3/5ths pounder.
  3. So John Kelly claims that the lack of an ability to compromise led to the Civil War... I wouldn't say that's 100% accurate, but at least 3/5ths.
  4. 2 midgets and a black guy walk into a room, how many people are in that room? 1 and 3/5ths
  5. I saw that Get Out has a 40% Chance of Winning the Best Picture Oscar White People Finally get to see what it's like to be 3/5ths
  6. Two and a half men would be way funnier with an all black cast But then it would have to be called one and 3/5ths men
  7. Im watching this great multi-part documentary on slavery, I'm only 3/5ths of the way through.
  8. I finally realized why i**... in the south is ok it's because in the south, your cousin is only 3/5ths of a family member

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  1. How Many People Do the Police Have to Kill to Start a Riot? 3/5ths
  2. I didn't really like the new Black Panther... It felt like only 3/5ths of a movie.
  3. After I painted my computer black... Strawpoll would only work 3-5ths of the time
  4. How many people do the cops need to kill in order to start a riot? 3/5ths
  5. The New 20 Dollar Bill Will Only Be Worth 12 Dollars Thanks to the 3/5ths compromise.
  6. I painted my computer black Now it only does 3/5ths what it used to
  7. You know why it's called Black Friday? Because everything is 3/5ths the original price!
  8. What was the black guys reaction to the 3/5ths compromise? I can't even
  9. I started watched 12 years a s**... today ...but I only made it 3/5ths the way through
  10. What do you call five black guys having s**...? A t**...
    3/5ths compromise
35ths joke, What do you call five black guys having s**...?

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35ths joke, How many people do the cops need to kill in order to start a riot?