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Before the clock strikes midnight on december 31st be sure to lift your left leg

That way you will start off the new year on the right foot

On October 31st, we will have a full moon, and the 7th planet from the sun will be its brightest...

So when someone sees the moon that day, they will likely see Uranus too...

We should add a leap second to December 31st 2020

Just to make people watching the live clock think for a split second that the year will never end

31st joke, We should add a leap second to December 31st 2020

My gym teacher was shouting at me like Power comes from the legs! I know you can do it!

It felt really bad as I was standing on a ledge on the 31st floor.

​SERIOUS WARNING!​ Do not go outside!

On the 31st December around 11:59pm. Do not go outside your house otherwise chances are, you will not come back until next year!!!

Please tell everyone u care for.

Which "real"* months are the quickest? *February is fake news

The ones that get to 31st.

Why couldn't the man get his wife pregnant on October 31st?

Because he had a hallow-weenie.

31st joke, Why couldn't the man get his wife pregnant on October 31st?

New Years dad jokes.

*11:59 on December 31st*
Every dad in the world: See you next year!!

Sun to Earth, on the night of 31st December:

"Let's have another round, shall we?"

Pi day in America is on March 14th. Almost everywhere else Pi day doesn't exist since it would be on April 31st.

What do burn victims celebrate on October 31st?


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Apparently I was supposed to wait until October 31st to dress up like a ghost.

Guess I spook too soon.

My teacher said she's been ill since December 31st...

I said 'that means you've been sick all year'

Me and my crush are getting married

I am getting married on 31st august and she is on 31st october :(

Happy April Fools Day!

April Fools it's March 31st.

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