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What's the 3.141592653% tax that sailors charge?

Pi Rates

5 Jokes About Pi

1. Divide the circumference of a pumpkin by its diameter and what do you get?
Pumpkin Pi

2. I saw a movie and gave it a 3.1415 out of 5.
It was Life of Pi

3. My friend decided to get a tattoo of the symbol pi on his face.
It was an irrational decision

4. Who was the roundest knight at King Arthur's table?
Sir Cumference . but how did he get that way?
eating too much Pi.

5. I hate all these Pi jokes.
They go on forever.

With that last one I'll show myself the door.

eBay is useless...

...I wanted lighters but all they had were 31,415 matches.

There are 3,141,592 parallel universes where I have sex with yo momma..

Strangely enough in every single one of them she's so fat...

What do people in Colorado eat on 3/14/15?

Pot pie.

What do you feed someone from Colorado on 3/14/15?

Pot pie.

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