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  1. The wage gap is sexist, because a woman gets 70 cents for every dollar a man makes... ... then the man is only left with 30 cents. That's messed up.
  2. Apparently for every $1 a man makes, a woman makes 70 cents. That's not fair. Why is the man only left with 30?
    Credit to Bo Burnham.
  3. For every dollar a man makes.... For every dollar a man makes, a women makes 70 cents.
    Thats not right
    Thats not fair
    The mans only left with 30!
    -Bo Burnham
  4. For every dollar that a man makes, a woman makes 70 cents. That's not fair. The man is only left with 30.
  5. I'm proud to say that I sponsor a kid in Africa. I feed clothe and educate him all for less than 30 cents a day! That's peanuts when compared to what it cost to send him there
  6. I feed and clothe a child in Africa for 30 cents a day. Ofcourse that's nothing compared to what it cost to send him there
  7. Gender pay gap... For every dollar that a man makes, a woman makes 70 cents, that doesn't make sense, the mans only left with 30...
  8. A Jewish boy goes to his father and asks for 50 cents... "I don't have 40 cents. What do you want with 30 cents? Here's 20 cents."
  9. You have 2 coins that make 30 cents, one is not a nickle... One is a Quarter and the other is a nickle.
    I'll see myself out...
  10. What do you get when you put 30 cents into a jukebox? Nickelback
    Not sure where the joke originated but heard it from Amazon Alexa

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  1. For every dollar a man earns, his wife makes 70 cents Leaving the man with only 30
  2. If Tom Brady joined Nickelback... They'd become 30 cents.

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A man walks into a bar ...

And proceeds to order a beer. The bartender says, "Sure, that'll be 25 cents please". The man almost spits out his beer in shock.
"Wow, 25 cents! I'll get some chicken wings too!"
The bartender replies, "That'll be 30 cents!"
"Where is the owner", asks the man, "I want to shake his hand!"
"Upstairs with my sister", replies the barkeep.
"Huh, why?", asks the confused costumer.
"He's doing to her, what I'm doing to his bar."

A boy goes up to his Jewish dad...

And asks him 'Dad can I have 50 cents?'
His dad says '40 cents!? I haven't got 30 cents, what do you need 20 cents for!?
Here's 10 cents... Share it with your sister.'