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What do all the great rap artists put in their coffee?

2Pac Shakur

Why did 2Pac go to the gym?

To get a 6Pac!

-7th grade me

Why did 2pac go to the gym?

So he could become 8pac.

To clarify, my 11 year old niece told me this. Thought this sub needed to lighten up a bit.

50 Cent for a 2Pac of Eminems?

That's Ludacris!

I just bought tickets to see Eminem, Fifty Cent and 2Pac in concert

Only kidding. 2Pac is dead.
But I did just buy 2 packets of m&m's for 50 cents

Why did the rapper die after being shot?

He forgot 2pac his bullet proof vest

What do Kevin Spacey and posthumous 2Pac albums have in common?

They both came out at confusing times.

Why was Biggie mad at 2Pac?

It all started when 2pac innocently said, "Yeah, sure, it's cool, invite all the rappers to my party, no biggie."

I killed 2pac.

Y'know, no Biggie.

Who is the favourite rapper of guys which started walking to the gym?


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