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  1. What soft and wrinkly but gets sharper when you use it? Your brain! (This joke brought to you by one of my 2nd grade students. I told him it was so good I was going to put it on the internet.)
  2. Why did the robber go to the circus? To steal the show. This joke was brought to you by my 2nd grade daughter. ;)
  3. Little Johnny’s 2nd grade teacher was quizzing them on the alphabet.
    “Johnny,” she says, “what comes after ‘O’?”
    Johnny says, “Yeah!”
  4. I told my boss that when I get nervous, I like to imagine my audience n**...... ... she said I should probably stop teaching the 2nd grade.

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  1. What's long and hard on Texans? 2nd Grade.

2nd Grade Funny Jokes And Hilarious Puns.

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A teacher asks her 2nd grade class...

"Who's a Trump fan?"
Not wanting to look s**... for not knowing what that meant, they all raised their hands except for Johnny.
"And why aren't you a Trump fan?" she asked, used to Johnny always trying to be different.
"Because I'm a Sanders fan" he replied.
"And why are you a Sanders fan?"
"Because mommy and daddy are"
"And if mommy and daddy were idiots, what would that make you?" she asked
"A Trump fan"

A 2nd grade class just gets in from recess...

The teacher tells the class they're going to do a spelling assignment that relates to what they did for recess. "If you can come up to the board and write the word I give you, you'll get a gold star for the day," the teacher explains. "Tommy, what'd you do for recess?" she asks the first student. "Well," Tommy begins, "I played in the sand box with Suzy!" "Okay great. If you can come to the board and spell the word 'sand' I'll give you a gold star." So Tommy goes up to the board, spells 'sand' and gets a gold star for the day. Then the teacher asks Suzy, "Suzy, what'd you do for recess today?" So Suzy answers, "like Tommy said, we played in the sand box together." "Okay," the teacher thinks, "if you can come up to the board and spell 'box' I'll give you a gold star. So Suzy spells 'box' and gets a gold star for the day. Then the teacher asks the third student, "Tyrone, what'd you do for recess today?" "Well I wanted to play in the sand box with Tommy and Suzy but they wouldn't let me," Tyrone answers. "Oh no!" says the teacher, "That's terrible! Do you know what that's called? That's called 'racial discrimination.' If you can come up to the board and spell 'racial discrimination' I'll give you a gold star."

Fuzzy Wuzzy was a bear

Fuzzy Wuzz had no hair.
If Fuzzy Wuzzy was a bear without hair, Fuzzy Wuzzy wasn't very fuzzy was he?
(This still cracks me up 20+ years outside the 2nd grade classroom where me and my boys gut-laughed to tears over this)

The greatest invention

One day the teacher asked her 2nd grade class what the greatest invention was. Several kids responded with answers like "The light bulb" and "The gas-powered engine".

When it was Little Cedric's turn to answer, he proudly declared "The THERMOS."

The amused teacher asked Little Cedric to explain.

Little Cedric said "The THERMOS is the greatest invention ever because it keeps hot liquids *hot* and it also keeps cold liquids *cold*."

The teacher asked why that qualifies as *the* greatest invention of *all time*.

Little Cedric bellowed "HOW DOES IT *KNOW!?*"

Blonde, brunette, and a redhead. (I told this joke outloud to the whole class when I was in 2nd grade and got sent to the office)

A blonde, brunette, and a redhead are all running from the cops and end up getting cornered. The brunette points behind the cops and screams "tornado!" The cops all turn around and she runs away. The redhead points the same direction and screams "volcano eruption!" Once again, the cops turn around and the redhead runs away. Only the blonde is left and she screams "fire!" So the cops shoot her and she dies.

A 2nd grade teacher tells the class to say a sentence using the words "Liver" and "Cheese" in the same sentence....

...So the teacher picks a white kid to go first, he says: "My mom made me a Liver and Cheese sandwich, it was really good!".
Then the teacher picks a black kid to go second, he says: "My mom bought the wrong kind of Cheese, so my dad punched her in the Liver!".
Finally, the teacher picks a mexican kid to go third,he says, "2 boys were trying to look up my sister's skirt and i said 'ey putos, Liver alone, Cheese my sister!!!"