25th Jokes

Why did Kim Jong-il die a week before December 25th?

Because Rudolph is the only deer leader at Christmas.

For our 25th anniversary, I took my wife to Hawaii...

...and for our 26th I plan to go back and get her.

A husband and wife...

A husband and wife are celebrating their 10th anniversary. The husband surprises her and takes her on a vacation to a tropical island, far away. Getting excited the wife says, "If this is for our 10th anniversary then what are you planning for our 25th?" The husband says back, "I'll send over a jet to pick you up."

I was going to give my family a cat for Christmas,

Unfortunately it died before the 25th... I guess it makes it a future present that passed.

A dad asks his son...

"What is the 25th letter of the alphabet?"

The son answers, "Y."

"Because I want to know!"

A special 25th anniversary.

A husband and wife are eating dinner together, and the husband says "Honey, I came up with something for us to do on our 25th anniversary coming up next month." Surprised, his wife asks "Really?! I can't believe you remembered it, let alone have a plan for us!" The husband smiles at her and says "I'm taking you to Hawaii!" The wife was completely dumbfounded, they had never gone away on a vacation like that. She started to tear up and responded "Oh, that sounds absolutely amazing!". "And can you guess what I have planned for our 50th anniversary?" He asks her. She shook her head 'no', as she was still too shaken up to speak. He just smiles and says "I'm going to come pick you up."

I took my wife to Hawaii for our 25th wedding anniversary. You know what I did for our 50th?

Went back and got her.

Grandma made a bet with John that if he didn't eat 25 dumplings, he would clean the apartment

John eats the 24th dumpling, but the 25th is not in the plate ... That's all you need to know about drafting contracts.

I can't remember the 25th letter of the alphabet.

I don't know y.

A genie appears in an African tribe...

A genie appears in an African tribe to grant a wish to every villager.
He makes them line up and asks them one by one what they would like.
The first: I want to be white. The genie turns him white.
The second: I want to be white. The genie turns him white.
A guy in the middle of the line moves to the end of the line, grinning wildly.
The 3rd: I want to be white. The genie turns him white.
The following 10: I want to be white.
The guy in the back starts to laugh.
The 25th : I want to be white...
The guy is now exploding with laughter.
The 40 th, 50 th ... : I want to be white...
The 60th, 70th 80th: I want to be white...
By now the guy can hardly stand, he's laughing so hard it hurts.
The 90 th, 95 th ... 99th : They all wish to be white...
When it's finally the last guy's turn, it takes him 15 minutes to control his laughter enough to make his request.
He says : I wish for all of them to be black again.

What did the genetic engineer say on December 25th?

Merry CRISPRmas!

A man grows tired of his relationship with his wife

On their 25th anniversary, the man planned a vacation trip.

Man: Let's go on a vacation, just the two of us.

Wife: (gets exited) Really? Where are we going?

Man: How about an adventure in the jungles of Africa?

Wife: That would be really nice! What about on our 50th?

Man: I'll come back for you.

A couple celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary.

When they were asked what their secret was to a long lasting marriage they said:

"We take the time to go out to a restaurant two times a week. A candlelight dinner, soft music and a slow walk home. She goes on Tuesdays, and I go on Fridays."

Just received an email from a wealthy Nigerian Prince.

He told me that he doesn't have any fortune to share with me at the moment but he would appreciate if I could let him know before May 25th if I wish to continue receiving emails.

The importance of never being late

A priest celebrates his 25th anniversary as head of a small congregation in a small village in rural America. The mayor was supposed to hold a speech at the beginning, but as always he had more important matters at hand. So the priest started with his speech.

'I know how disturbed I was 25years ago when I came to this village. The first man to confess, I will not name him, told me that he cheated on his wife and had 5 children with his affaire...'

As the priest came to an end the mayor arrived and started his speech: 'I still know I had the honour to be the first one to confess to Father Anderson...'

An elderly man walks into a bar

He hears the other patrons discussing marriage. "My wife and I will celebrate our 50th anniversary next week," he proudly tells them. "That's wonderful," one of the others says, "What's your secret for a long and happy marriaige?" "Well, you've got to do nice things for her," he explains. "Such as what?" the others ask. "Well, for example for our 25th anniversary I took her to Ireland." "That is nice," they others agree. "What are you doing for your 50th?" "Going back to visit her."

What did the Italia airship do when it crashed in the North Pole on May 25th, 1928?

It broke the ice. Nice to meet you :)

If you smoke pot and forgot what day today is, don't worry. You can celebrate again on the 25th of May.

Because 4/20 = 5/25

What mantra do Hindus initiate on the 25th of December?

Hari Kristmas.

Do you know why Santa only work on the 25th of December?

Because he knows where all the bad girls are...(sorry)

I'm supposed to give her silver for our 25th anniversary but I'm not sure if I believe in it.

I'm Ag-nostic.

Ole wakes up one morning, remembering that it's his and Lena's 25th wedding anniversary.

Ole punches Lena in the arm. Lena awakes and asks, "What was that for?" Ole says, "That's for 25 years of bad sex!" Lena then punches Ole in the arm. Ole asks, "Why did you hit me?" Lena says, "That's for knowing the difference!"

It was a couples 25th anniversary

The husband told his wife, "im taking you to china!" the wife then asked what they would do for their 50th anniversary to which he responded "thats when i will pick you up!"

And then Santa said to the atheist,

HO! HO! HO! Have a nice 25th of December.

Two lovers get romantic on the night of their wedding.

The newly wed lady blushes and asks, "Honey, where will you take us for our honeymoon?"

"I will take you to the farthest islands of the Caribbean!"

"Really? And what would you do on our 25th anniversary?", asks the wife, now blushing even more.

"I will bring you back."

What do Mike Pence and Santa Claus have in common?

You won't see either of them until the 25th

I met a Gentleman that was married for 75 yaers, and he shared the secret to a long marriage,

"On our 25th wedding anniversory, I took my wife to China. On our 75th wedding anniversory, I went to pick her up."

Hey Adam, "Is today the 24th or the 25th?"

It's Christmas, Eve.

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