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  1. Why did Kim Jong-il die a week before December 25th?

    Because Rudolph is the only deer leader at Christmas.
  2. Do you know why Santa only work on the 25th of December? Because he knows where all the bad girls are...(sorry)
  3. Chuck Norris sent Jesus a birthday card on December 25th and it wasn't Jesus birthday.
    Jesus was to scared to correct Chuck Norris and to this day December 25th is known as Jesus' birthday.
  4. What did Santa say in the s**... Club on the 25th of December? It's going to be a White Christmas

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25th December One Liners

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  1. What did the genetic engineer say on December 25th? Merry CRISPRmas!
  2. What mantra do Hindus initiate on the 25th of December? Hari Kristmas.
  3. Guy #1: When's Christmas? Guy #2: December 25th
    Guy #3: Oh that pretty unorthodox
  4. December 25th for Asians It's not Christmas, It's Boxing Day Eve.
  5. Why isn't the holiday on December 25th pronounced "Chlistmas"? Because there's no L.
  6. What do white girls celebrate on December 25th? ChristMAAAAAAAAAS
  7. What does a gang say on December 25th? Merry Crips-mas
  8. And then Santa said to the atheist, h**...! h**...! h**...! Have a nice 25th of December.

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The CDC recommends that f**... gatherings be limited to 30 people and holiday gatherings be limited to 6 people.

f**... proceedings for Gobbles the turkey will be held on November 26th and again on December 25th. Please bring beer to celebrate his life.

Little Mary

Little Mary never did very well in church. She would always fall asleep when the priest was speaking. One day, while Mary was happily sleeping, the Priest said "Mary, who created the Earth as we know it"? The little boy behind Mary got bored, took out a pin, and poked Mary with it in the back. Mary jolted awake and screamed "Oh good Lord"! "Good job"! said the priest. A little later, the Priest asked sleeping Mary "Mary, who was born on December 25th and is celebrated for Christmas?". The little boy stuck the pin in her back again and Mary screamed "Oh Jesus Christ!". "Good job!" said the priest. After Mary yet again fell asleep, the priest asked "Mary, after having their 23rd baby, what did Eve say to Adam?". The boy stuck the pin in Mary's back and she screamed "If you stick that thing into me one more time, I will rip it in half!".

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