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What are some 256 jokes?

Prisoners are telling jokes

and because they heard all jokes a lot of times, they only say number of certain joke.
"Number 256" says first inmate as the rest of them laughs.
"Number 145" says second one as the rest bursts in laughs.
"Number 323" ,and while all laughs and and get ready to hear the next,one one guy is laughing a lot longer then rest.
Everyone is looking at him when someone ask him why he laughs so much.
He replies:"It's the first time i heard this one ".

Wendy's used to advertise that there was 256 possible ways to order a burger.

That's not very impressive. That's only a byte size of choices.

Yo mama is so fat

that when she sits on a 256 bit AES cipher she breaks it

Two men on a train.

One of them occasionaly says a number like 256, 128, 280, 660 and this goes on for a while.

The other one asks him: "Hey what's the deal with with all those numbers?"

"Well, to pass the time, I just count the animals in the herd as the train passes one."

"Wow, cool! How can you do it so fast?"

"Simple, I count the legs and divide by four."

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