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  1. I tell my friends I'm there for them 24/7. It sounds better than saying I'm there for them on the 24th of July.
  2. If 24th December is Christmas Eve, 23rd December should be Christmas Adam. Because men always come first.
  3. Girlfriend to boyfriend GF - I'm sorry babe but i've cheated on you.
    BF - I'm sorry aswell, I have also cheated on you.
    GF - April fools day!
    BF - Mine was on 24th March
  4. Something really important must've happened on July 24th, 365 AD. All of the supermarkets near me say "24/7/365".
  5. So I'm dating this European girl. I told her I wanna be with her 24/7. She said: "ok, see you the 24th of July"
  6. Mrs. Claus gave birth on the 24th of December I guess you could say Santa came early this year.
24th joke, Mrs. Claus gave birth on the 24th of December

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  1. Why is the 24th State so depressed? It's a constant state of Missouri
  2. Her: "Honey, I want to be with you 24/7" Him: "Ok, see you on the 24th of July"
  3. Nerds Unite Comedy Show @ Nampa Karcher Mall Sat, Jan 24th 2:00pm
  4. Hey Adam, "Is today the 24th or the 25th?" It's Christmas, Eve.
  5. When do you celebrate a birthday on the 24th of July? 24/7
  6. No Man's Sky is releasing on Xbox One July 24th.
  7. If 2X = 10, what is X? The 24th letter of the alphabet.

24th joke, If 2X = 10, what is X?

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Grandma made a bet with John that if he didn't eat 25 dumplings, he would clean the apartment

John eats the 24th dumpling, but the 25th is not in the plate ... That's all you need to know about drafting contracts.

I was on a date with a woman.

"When's your birthday?" I asked.
'13th of March."
"When's your mother's birthday?" I asked.
"24th of December."
"When's your father's birthday?" I asked.
"1st of October."
"Excellent," I replied. "So, when do you have s**... with someone for the first time?"
"Usually after four dates," she said.
"Ok, when's Valentine's Day?" I asked.
"Um...14th of February."
I said, "Perfect. Back to your place or mine?"

24th joke, When do you celebrate a birthday on the 24th of July?

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