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Twenty jokes to make your 20th birthday, 20th anniversary, 20th work anniversary and other special occasions more memorable! Whether it's a 20th Century classic or something that will make people laugh in the 21st century, you're sure to find a joke that will help you celebrate your seventh decade in style.

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I heard BBC has a new period piece all about early 20th century dentists.

They're calling it 'Dentin Abby'!

A man was asked for his secret to a long lasting marriage...

**"Well, i took my wife to Italy on our honeymoon."** *"so what are you guys doing for your 20th wedding anniversary?"*
**"Im going back to get her."**

Why is the rate of unemployed black people higher than in the 20th century?

Because synthetic cotton is more popular.

What's the difference between falling from the 20th floor and the 2nd floor?

20th floor:

* AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!!! (***SPLAT***)

2nd floor:

* (***SPLAT***) AAAAAaaaaaaaagggghhhhhhhhhhh......

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Anniversary gift

The wife asks her husband: "What are you gonna get me for our 20th anniversary, dear?"

"A grave in the cemetery". They had a huge fight. Fast forward to next year.

"What're you gonna get me for our 21st anniversary, honey?"

The man, annoyed, replies: "Nothing! You haven't used what I got you last year yet!"

A pessimist and and an optimist fall off the top of a 100 story building......

The pessimist was heard screaming and cursing as he past the 20th floor. As the optimist fell past he quietly whispered "so far, so good"!

I took my wife to China for our 10th anniversary.

I'm picking her up on our 20th

20th joke, I took my wife to China for our 10th anniversary.

The best late artist of the late 20th century yelvis.


Which 20th Century Business tycoon was a top?

The one who could really Rock-a-feller

What's the difference between a man who falls off a building from the 20th floor, and a man who falls off a building from the 2nd floor?

The man from the 20th floor goes:
"Aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh!!!" *thud*

While the man from the 2nd floor goes:
*thud* "Aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh!!!"

For our 20th year anniversary I think I'm gonna take my wife to Japan.

For our 60th anniversary I'm gonna bring her back home.

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Obama's announcement

Today, President Obama announced that, after January 20th, the official title of "U.S. Government" will be changed to include quotation marks around Government.

What's the difference between a guy falling from the 20th or the 1st floor of a building?

20th floor fall goes: *Aaaaaah, BAM!*
1st floor fall goes: *BAM, Aaaaah!*

People call me the most disoriented U-boat captain of the 20th century...

Oops wrong sub.

You know what the greatest thing about January 20th 2017 12:01 AM?

That is when its going to be the darkest before the Donald

No one talked about it but the threat level was raised on January 20th, 2017

They raised it to orange.

20th joke, No one talked about it but the threat level was raised on January 20th, 2017

Dad Joke

It was my birthday an me and my Dad were driving on the highway when we saw a terrible accident. My Dad said "This is the worst accident I've seen in 20years!"

Well yeah it was my 20th birthday.

My phone fell from the 20th floor,

good thing it was in airplane mode.

Juan's 20th Birthday

Juan's friends and family kept saying to him "You're 20, Juan!"

Juan was very disappointed with this, as they believed he was turning 21, not 20

During the 20th Century Europe, Russia asks the allies for help in defeating the Germans...

But they kept Stalin.

Tried mixing Mexican alcohol with 20th century American literature last night…

Ended up with tequila mockingbird.

I'm so happy that 20th of April has so much attention!

Otherwise we would have forgotten h**...'s birthday! It's so nice of us to celebrate it.

For my graduating class' 20th reunion, we're digging up our time capsule from freshman year

I cant wait to see how big my dog Sparky got

Interviewer : "Just imagine you're in the 20th floor of a building and it's on fire. How will you escape?"

"It's simple.. I will just stop my imagination."

When my wife and I got married,

we mutually decided to each select that one person who we'd most like to have s**... with and, if by some miracle, it happened, the other wouldn't get angry. She picked Brad Pitt and I went with Uma Thurman (Uma!!). For our 20th anniversary, I thought it would be fun to change things up and she agreed. So, she picked George Clooney and I chose the next door neighbor.


The Judge asks the defendant, When is your birthday Mr McKenzie?  
February 20th, Your Honor.
And what year?
Every year, Your Honor"

20th joke, Birthday

I just celebrated my 20th wedding anniversary today...

Does this mean I'm eligible for parole now??

What did the pilot, say after his 20th day of rehab?

I feel the need, the need for speed

How did the 20th Century Fox producer say his wedding vows?

A young man is picking the petals of the flower...

19th century:
"She loves me, she loves me not..."
20th century:
"She'll sleep with me, she won't..."
21st century:
"I'm a man, I'm a woman..."

Did you hear about the ditch dug in the early 20th century?

It was a great depression.

The 20th Wealthiest Americans

What's the difference between a $20 bill and a Jew in the 20th century? (offensive)

jews were expendable

Shakespeare going to the doctor in the 20th century

TB, or not TB, that is the question

Today, my wife and I celebrated our 20th anniversary together.

My wife just recently celebrated her 32nd birthday, and it just so happens that I'm celebrating my 40th birthday tomorrow!

What do you get when Disney and Fox merge?

20th Century Mouse.

Happy 65th birthday to Howard Stern

...And happy 20th to his hair, happy 30th to his legs, and happy 10th to his new teeth.

A guy and a giraffe walk in to a bar...

They go up to the bar and order 20 shots each. 1 shot, 2 shots, 3, 4 .... they finally down the 20th shot. They both stand to leave and the giraffe passes out on the floor. The guy keeps stumbling to the door.

Right as he is going to leave. The bartender says, "Hey! Are you going to leave this lying on the floor?"

The man turns looks at the giraffe, looks at the bartender and says,

*hicc* "Thas not a lioOon. Thasa GIRAFFE!"

One for the classical music fans [OC]

For those who aren't, Herbert von Karajan was an acclaimed symphony conductor in the 20th century. You need to know that his name is pronounced approximately "KAHRY-on."

Not many people know it, but the maestro actually had a second career outside of music, he was a successful luggage designer.

I mean, surely you've heard of...Karajan Luggage?

My pet fox died...

It's no wonder, 'cause he was a 20th Century Fox.

Trump will still be president of The United States after January 20th

He's having Rudy draw up the paperwork to form The United States Total Landscaping Co. as we speak!

Joe Biden just turned 78,

but on the 20th of Jan, he'll be 46.

A man walks into a bar. Looking visibly distraught, he orders his drink.

A man walks into a bar. Looking visibly distraught, he orders his drink. "Having a bad day?", the barkeep asks. "I guess you could say so. I just accidently time travelled back into the 20th century." "Really? What did you change?" "Oh heavens, nothing! I just went straight back to the present. Do you know how dangerous time travel is? Who knows what I might have changed if I hadn't been so careful. I might have caused a second world war."

It was recently announced that on July 20th, Jeff Bezos and his brother will launch into space on one of his Blue Origin spacecraft

If nothing else, now they will know what it's like to p**... in a bottle

As the Kardashians celebrate their 20th and final season...

I would LOVE to congratulate myself for never watching a single episode.

In an interview the boss asked me Do you have any experience? .

I told him yes, this is my 20th interview .

Wife: what are you getting me for our 10 year anniversary?

Husband: Im taking you to Africa

Wife: wow that's amazing I always wanted to go there. Then what you would get me for our 20th?

Husband: I will pick you up

Charles Schulz died as one of the richest Americans of the 20th century

despite the fact he got his start making Peanuts.

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