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  1. Charles Schulz died as one of the richest Americans of the 20th century despite the fact he got his start making Peanuts.
  2. Why is the rate of unemployed black people higher than in the 20th century? Because synthetic cotton is more popular.
  3. The best late artist of the late 20th century yelvis. I AINT NOTHING BUT A HOUND DOG. CRYING ALL THE TIME.
  4. What's the difference between a $20 bill and a Jew in the 20th century? (offensive) jews were expendable
  5. Tried mixing Mexican alcohol with 20th century American literature last night… Ended up with tequila mockingbird.
  6. During the 20th Century Europe, Russia asks the allies for help in defeating the Germans... But they kept Stalin.
  7. I heard BBC has a new period piece all about early 20th century dentists. They're calling it 'Dentin Abby'!
  8. What is Captain Kirk's least favorite 20th century ethno-nationalist conflict? The Irish Tribbles.
  9. Which 20th century President's wife looked like she could have been LGBT? Eleanor Brucevelt.

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20th Century One Liners

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  1. People call me the most disoriented U-boat captain of the 20th century... Oops wrong sub.
  2. My pet fox died... It's no wonder, 'cause he was a 20th Century Fox.
  3. Shakespeare going to the doctor in the 20th century TB, or not TB, that is the question
  4. Did you hear about the ditch dug in the early 20th century? It was a great depression.
  5. Which 20th Century Business tycoon was a top? The one who could really Rock-a-feller
  6. What do you get when Disney and Fox merge? 20th Century Mouse.
  7. How did the 20th Century Fox producer say his wedding vows?
  8. What is Captain Kirk's least favorite 20th century car theft movie? Gorn in 60 Seconds
  9. What is Ash Ketchums favourite play from the 20th century? Waiting for Gogoat
  10. What 20th century composer would make the best bartender? Philip Glass.
    (fill up glass)

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A man walks into a bar. Looking visibly distraught, he orders his drink.

A man walks into a bar. Looking visibly distraught, he orders his drink. "Having a bad day?", the barkeep asks. "I guess you could say so. I just accidently time travelled back into the 20th century." "Really? What did you change?" "Oh heavens, nothing! I just went straight back to the present. Do you know how dangerous time travel is? Who knows what I might have changed if I hadn't been so careful. I might have caused a second world war."

One for the classical music fans [OC]

For those who aren't, Herbert von Karajan was an acclaimed symphony conductor in the 20th century. You need to know that his name is pronounced approximately "KAHRY-on."
Not many people know it, but the maestro actually had a second career outside of music, he was a successful luggage designer.
I mean, surely you've heard of...Karajan Luggage?

A young man is picking the petals of the flower...

19th century:
"She loves me, she loves me not..."
20th century:
"She'll sleep with me, she won't..."
21st century:
"I'm a man, I'm a woman..."

Three men are in the waiting room while their wives are giving birth.

The doctor comes up to the first man and says that he is now a father of triplets.
The man is thrilled and he says-
"Wow! That's kind of cool because I work at 3M!"
A couple hours later the doctor comes out and tells the next man that he is a father of quadruplets. The man says-
"Wow! That's even cooler because I work at the Four Seasons Hotel!"
The third man immediately starts crying and the doctor asks him whats wrong-
"I work for 20th Century Fox."

Olympics / opening ceremony jokes

Credit where credit's due - I got these from Sickipedia. I'm brand new here but I gather these would be appreciated...
I certainly enjoyed the opening ceremony which displayed the history of the early 20th century Britain.
I can't wait until the games are held in Germany.
So in the Olympic Opening Ceremony, British athletes can walk behind a bloke carrying the Union Jack and everyone cheers...
...But when the BNP do it it's frowned upon.
My mate asked me: "What is the shortest race in the Olympics?"
After thinking for a few minutes, I came up with an answer:
"Chinese," I replied.
I'm entering the m**... Tournament in the Olympics this year.
Very stiff competition though.
As I watched the woman's football today, my wife proudly quipped, "This just shows you how far the Olympics have come, women excelling at men's sports. What do you think this means?"
I don't think "22 blokes are forced to get a take-away tonight" was the answer she was looking for.
Well done Danny Boyle. Nothing says "London" better than youths setting fire to stuff.
7 years the London Olympics have been in the making.
Never has it taken so long for a large number of foreigners to enter the country.