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Dad Joke

It was my birthday an me and my Dad were driving on the highway when we saw a terrible accident. My Dad said "This is the worst accident I've seen in 20years!"
Well yeah it was my 20th birthday.


The Judge asks the defendant, When is your birthday Mr McKenzie?  
February 20th, Your Honor.
And what year?
Every year, Your Honor"

Juan's 20th Birthday

Juan's friends and family kept saying to him "You're 20, Juan!"
Juan was very disappointed with this, as they believed he was turning 21, not 20

I'm so happy that 20th of April has so much attention!

Otherwise we would have forgotten h**...'s birthday! It's so nice of us to celebrate it.

Happy 65th birthday to Howard Stern

...And happy 20th to his hair, happy 30th to his legs, and happy 10th to his new teeth.

Today, my wife and I celebrated our 20th anniversary together.

My wife just recently celebrated her 32nd birthday, and it just so happens that I'm celebrating my 40th birthday tomorrow!

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