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Scientists claims that 85% of rainforests will be gone by 2025

but if we worked really hard, we can do it by the end of 2017

In money trouble, the couple finally agrees she will p**... for a while. She is out all night the first night and has only $20.25 in the morning.

When hubby asks who only gave her 25 cents, she replied - All of them!

Why is death rate among 20-25 year-old Chinese people rapidly increasing?

It's just youth in asia.

In 2025 Apple plans to make an electric car

Am just wondering if the car will have windows?

The generals thought US soil would never be vulnerable to a naval attack ...

The year: 2025. Russia invades an Alaskan archipelago. Needless to say, the US government is stripped of its Aleutians.


By 2025 America will no longer be in BCE. They'll be in OBCT.

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