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  1. Boss: "Sarcasm will get you nowhere in life"!! Me: "Well It got me to the 'International Sarcasm' finals in Santiago 2011
    Boss: "Really"?
    Me: "No"
  2. My cat passed. RIP Fluffy McMittens
    2002-2003 2003-2005 2005-2007 2007-2008 2008-2011 2011-2013 2013-2014 2014-2015 2015-2016
  3. Heard a vintage 2011 today. The Navy Seals just invented a new drink, the "bin Laden". Two shots to the face and a splash of water.
  4. In 2011, a $3,200 cake made for Paris Hilton's birthday was stolen by a party crasher by the name of "Paz". I've heard party crashers do crazy things but that one takes the cake.
  5. I'm using Internet Explorer so I hope this'll get posted quickly. I hope you'll have a wonderful year of 2011!
  6. If I would be a meme it would be Chuck Testa. I look alive but I've been dead since at least 2011...
  7. I'm sending this through internet explorer on Australian Fibre To The Node Happy New Year 2011!
  8. TIL that knitting ex champion Teresa Keller lost her title in 2011 just because she was kitting with a slightly different color. Oops wrong thread.
  9. Apple CEO Tim Cook says he came out of the closet 'to prove you can be gay and do big jobs.' I thought Big Jobs died in 2011.
  10. In 2011 someone asked Chuck Norris if he had ever been to Portugal.
    He answered: "Where?"
    The country went bankrupt.

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  1. There is no God -Stephen Hawking, 2011 There is no Stephen hawking God, 2018
  2. I used to like jokes from 2011 But then I took an arrow to the knee
  3. The new Slenderman​ movie is coming out It's the most anticipated movie of 2011
  4. My New Year Resolution for 2018 is... Buying bitcoin in 2011!
  5. Ethiopia is ages behind the rest of the world. Happy Ethiopian new year!!! 2011
  6. Isn't it time we stopped celebrating Columbus day? Peter Falk died in 2011.
  7. Who did Derrick Rose dress up as for Halloween? His 2011 self.
  8. THANK GOD it's 2018 Finally, all that gum I ate in 2011 is coming out!
  9. Happy 2011! I can't wait for Internet Explorer 9.
  10. o**... bin laden *ji had it coming.*
    - Jimmy Carr "Big Fat Quiz 2011"

2011 joke, o**... bin laden

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2010: Didn't jog.

2011: Didn't jog.
2012: Didn't jog.
2013: Didn't jog.
2014: Didn't jog.
2015: Didn't jog.
2016: Didn't jog.
2017: Didn't jog.
2018: Didn't jog.
2019: Didn't jog.
2020: Didn't jog.
2021: Didn't jog.
2022: Still haven't jogged.
This is a running joke.

chinese new years

2009. Ox
2010. Tiger.
2011. Rabbit.
2012. Dragon.
2013. Snake.
2014. Horse.
2015. Goat.
2016. Monkey.
2017. Rooster.
2018. Dog.
2019. Pig.
2020. Rat.
2021. Ox.
All served with rice or chips, bat and pangolin scale sauce £1.00 extra.

2011 joke, Apple CEO Tim Cook says he came out of the closet 'to prove you can be gay and do big jobs.'