2010 Jokes

I'm still using Office 2010 ...

For lack of a better Word ...

A Drill Sergeant does a surprise bed check late at night

A Drill Sergeant does a surprise bed check late at night and discovers a private sneaking back into the barracks.

Sergeant: Private! What are you doing?

Private: Trying to sleep, sir!

Sergeant: You look like you just had sex, boy. When did you last have sex?

Private: 2010, sir!

Sergeant: 2010? That's a long time, son.

Private: Not really, sir! It's only 2045 right now.

I had a girlfriend and her favorite Pixar movie was "Up".

This was 2010 and she had it on blue ray, and we would watch it at least once a week at her apartment. But after like the 40th time, I confronted her and said I was tired of watching. The argument got heated; it didn't help that we were drunk. Suddenly, she pushed me and I fell on something. I turned and saw the disk broken; she cried hysterically.
At this moment, I knew, we broke Up...

Good thing I don't see any political posts on my news feed

In fact, my Myspace friends haven't really posted much since 2010.

Just been sacked from my dream job as a maths teacher. Been there since 2010

What a waste of 15 years!

So i went to Walmart today...

... and asked customer service for gta5. She was confused so I told her that it was a game with a black guy who crashed his car, sleeps with prostitutes, and attacks people with his golf club. She came later with Tiger Woods PGA 2010.

Based on a true story.

Back in 2010, I had this history teacher who hated me. He would always single me out and pick on me in front of the class, and as a result I hated his lessons and ended up failing.

One day he decided I wasn't paying enough attention in class, and decided to punish me. I can't say I was surprised by this, but his methods were rather unconventional.

My teacher decided the best way to punish me, a failing student, for not paying attention in class, was to have me do a presentation on a topic not covered in the curriculum. I was completely taken aback because this form of punishment was unheard of.

The topic in question?

The Spanish Inquisition.

In 2010, men earned 23% more than women.

It doesn't really matter, though. We spent that extra 23% on your drinks, ladies.

The retired Sargent goes in for his physical...

The doctor says, "You look pretty fit. You stay active, but I need to ask about your sex life. When was the last time you had sex?"
After thinking for a second... "2010." the Sargent says.
The doctor is flabberghasted. "2010?" He sputters.
"Well," says the sargent, looking at his watch, "since its 0800 now, I wouldn't say that 2010 last night was too long ago."

2010s Kids won't get this

A good president.

Is it 2010?

Because Kim Jon's ill.

Testing new mobile phone

Hello, i don't know if anyone is going to read this because i am using the internet explorer. But still i wanna wish you a good start in the new year 2010.

I've heard about lighting up on 4/20...

but I feel like BP took it a bit far back in 2010.

Did you know that Haiti changed its capital after the 2010 earthquake?

It became "The City Formerly Known as Port-au-Prince"

chinese new years

2009. Ox
2010. Tiger.
2011. Rabbit.
2012. Dragon.
2013. Snake.
2014. Horse.
2015. Goat.
2016. Monkey.
2017. Rooster.
2018. Dog.
2019. Pig.
2020. Rat.

All served with rice or chips, bat and pangolin scale sauce £1.00 extra.

2010 Kids Wont Get This...

Standing in line

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