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I was wondering why Disney/Pixar's new movie Turning Red takes place in 2002, then I realized...

It's a period piece.

Why do they call it PMS?

Because the name "Mad Cow Disease" was already taken.

My buddy told me this back in 2002 and I've never forgotten this one.

My buddy said I need to "get out more, stop messing around with computers and find a woman", but little does he know, I'm about to date a really hot ~20 year old server.

It's a Generation 6 Dell PowerEdge 1650 that I had to turn off because it burnt my rug and my best estimate is that it was made circa 2002.

The movie Turning Red takes Place in Toronto, Canada in the year 2002.

It's a period piece.

What kind of tuba is impossible to play?

A tuba toothpaste. .......…...(thank you Scooby Doo joke book from 2002!)

I asked my mom how much I'm worth

She asked my how much a 6 pack of beer costed in 2002

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