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A little boy's friend tells him:

"If you say to adults 'I know about it all', they'll give you anything."
So of course he goes home and says to his dad: "I know about it all". The dad hands him 100 bucks and tells him "but don't tell mommy".
The kid, stoked, goes to his mom and says: "I know about it all". The mom hands him 200 bucks and says "Please don't tell daddy".
Then the bell rings, and the kid opens the door to find the mailman outside. The kid tells him "I know about it all".
The mailman happily drops the package he's holding and yells "Well say hello to daddy!

An arab guy walks into a bra store owned by a Jewish guy on a sunday afternoon...

The arab guy finds a bra he likes and asks for the price. Jewish guy being the business man that he is says "This is a great bra it's really starting to get polular. I can sell you each for 50 bucks." The arab guy nods and says "sure I'll buy 100."
The next sunday the arab guy comes back to bra shop and looks around and finds another bra he likes. The Jewish guy smiles and thinks he's gonna try to mark up the price. He goes up the the arab guy and says "Thats a great lace bra. Its imported from Italy its very popular and worn by a bunch of celebrities. They go for 60$ per bra" The arab guy nods and says "sure Ill buy 150 of them."
The sunday after that the arab guy comes back to the bra shop and finds another bra. The jewish guy gets excited and thinks 'im gonna get him this time' and says " This is our brand new silk bra imported from France. Only the finest materials used and its extremely comfortable. I can sell you these for 80$ each" The arab guy nods and says "ill take 200 of them"
They go to the counter and the Jewish guy get curious so he asks "If i may ask you a question, What are you doing with all these bras?" the Arab guy smiles and says "I cut them in half and sell them as Yamaka's for 200 a piece!"

I went in for a job interview today...

The manager, looking for a great salesperson, picked up a laptop and said "sell me this laptop".

I proceeded to stick it under my armpit and walk out.

A few minutes later, the manager called my cellphone upset saying "bring it back!!!"

I said "i'll sell it to you for $200 bucks!"

Job Interview

I was at a job interview today, and my employer gave me a laptop and asked me to sell it to him. I then walked out the door with the laptop under my arm.
A few hours later, he called me at home and demanded that I give it back to him, to which I replied; "200 Bucks and it's yours."

Dang this new wedding planner is great

For only an extra 200 bucks he'll consummate my marriage for me - whatever that means haha

A guy goes to a pharmacy and buys some slimming products.

He asks the pharmacist:
How much do you think I will be losing with this?
Pharmacist replies:
Well … around 200 bucks.

Use only working piadas for adults and blagues for friends.

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