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Did you know that Jim Carrey lost the use of his left hand for a month in 1997?

He was all righty then.

Three men walk into a car part store...

I need taillights for a Mustang the first one says. What year? the employee asks. 2015 he answers. There you go , the worker hands in the parts. The second guy goes to the counter, saying I need a steering wheel for a Mustang . What year?
1997 he answers. There you go . After he payed, the third guy comes to the counter. I need rear suspensions for a Mustang . There you go .

You have to give Prince Phillip credit for his driving record....

He hasn't been involved in any other accidents since 1997.

Oh! So you were in Yale?

Oh! So you were in Yale?



Yuly 1997 to Yune 1999!

To be fair to Prince Phillip...

He hasn't been involved in a car accident since 1997

I recently found my Journal from my trip to Europe. Allow me to share an entry.

August 30, 1997, 11:49pm - [Paris]

Woah! Princess Diana just waved and smiled at me from her car! What are the odds!

Why did the chicken cross the road?

Oh god help me please I'm locked in someone's basement and their 1997 HP computer is the only way to contact the outside world

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