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Your parents in 1996: Don't trust ANYONE on the Internet.

Your parents in 2017: Freedom eagle dot Facebook says Hillary invented AIDS.

I was watching my wife try on outfits; I said, you know what you looked best in?


Can't believe it's nearly 1996

and they haven't found a cure for Alzheimer's

Melania Trump immigrated to America in 1996

And after her speech I now see why Donald says that "all immigrants are thieves"

How did Phil Collins know about Lorde?

She wasn't born until 1996 but In the Air Tonight was released in 1981

You know, I predicted every Super Bowl winner since 1996...

the predictions may not have been *correct* but still they were predictions.

Today we celebrate Independence Day!

For those that don't know their history, this was the day in 1996 that Will Smith saved the Earth from aliens.

How do you make a honeymoon salad?

Lettuce alone, no dressing permitted.
(Credit goes to the tour guide on the Maid of the Mist ~1996)


In 1996, after Pravda ceased publication, a Russian man goes to a newspaper vendor.
Man: Give me a copy of Pravda, please.
Vendor: I'm sorry. Pravda has shut down. It's no longer available.
The man nods and leaves. A few minutes later he returns.
Man: I want to buy a copy of Pravda.
Vendor: I told you. It's no longer published.
Man goes away.
Ten minutes longer he returns and again asks for a copy of Pravda.
Vendor: Mister, are you hard of hearing or s**...? I told you twice that this newspaper has ceased publication! Now get lost!
Man: I'm neither s**... nor hard of hearing. The fact is, I'm so happy to hear that there's no Pravda now that I want to hear it again and again, and again!

Back in 1996, Afghanistan was very different.

You see, the only numerical system that Afghanistan used was the tally mark system. That meant that Afghans only counted things in tally marks. This was quite problematic because many people didn't know how to use tally marks correctly. Many mistakes were made and there was generally a lot of confusion. Chaos ensued quickly. The Afghan government had to do something and fast. What it ended up doing was banning all use of tally marks in the country. And that was the origin of the infamous Tally Ban.

1996 joke, Back in 1996, Afghanistan was very different.

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1996 joke, Back in 1996, Afghanistan was very different.

1996 joke, Back in 1996, Afghanistan was very different.