1982 Jokes

An American, a Frenchman and an East German (this joke takes place in 1982)

are having a few drinks and discussing what true happiness is.

The American says "For me, true happiness is to work hard all day at a job I love, and then to come home and share dinner with my family."

The Frenchman says "Oh, you Americans, you're obsessed with work. To me true happiness is a deep discussion with my mistress, after which we make passionate love."

The East German shakes his head and says "Imagine it is 3 in the morning. You are sleeping soundly at home and are awakened by someone pounding on the door. You go and answer that, and two agents of the Stasi burst in. One says, 'Herr Mueller, you are under arrest for counterrevolutionary activities!' And although your voice quakes, you manage to say 'Comrades, Herr Mueller lives across the hall.' That, my friends, is true happiness."

So these two ladies die

and are waiting in purgatory to hear the results of their life audit. A door opens and two men walk in. An angel walks in with an ugly, hunch backed gremlin of a man. The angel says "Nancy, in 1982 you killed a duck, your punishment will be to spend your eternal life with this man". He slaps the the shackles on each of their arms and are sent off for eternity. A little while later another angel walks in with a gorgeous hunky stud. He slaps the shackle on her and the handsome man and are sent on their way. During their walk shes thinking she must have be a good person during her life on earth, when she's interrupted by the man's muttering "I shouldn't have killed that duck".

In 1982 Elton John attended one of Queen's concerts, but was shortly hospitalized afterwards.

Turns out they found traces of Mercury in him.

Brett Kavanaugh is being urged to withdraw, but is refusing to.

A bit like that time in 1982.

Two Irish lads having a drink in a pub.

One says to the other  where you from?

Glanmire - outside Cork  replies the second

Amazing so am i!  the first exclaims  what school did you go too?

St Josephs  he replies

St Josephs!? I went St Josephs as well!!  shouts the first

The second asks  what year did you graduate?

1982  comes the reply.

My lord!  the 2nd stares in disbelief  I graduated 1982 also!

Its gonna be a long night  says the barman to a bar fly The Murphy twins are drunk again!

Did you know that trampolines used to actually be called jumpolines?

That is, until 1982 when your mom got on one.

What do Jimmy Saville's victims and Aston Villa fans have in common?

They're still talking about what happened in 1982.

Introducing diet coke

making people think it's okay to order 2 big-macs and a large fry since 1982

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