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It was on this day in 1978 that cult leader Jim Jones carried out a mass m**.../s**... of over 900 of his followers in Jonestown, Guyana. Horrifying. There's a joke about it but it's wildly innappriopriate.

And anyway, the punchline's too long.

In 1978, the Jonestown massacre happened where 909 ppl lost their lives. You never hear too many jokes about it…

because the punchline is too long.

Guyana - 1978 drinking koolaid

Why didn't they tell jokes in Jonestown?
The punch line was too long.

Headline: "American Pharoah Wins 1st Triple Crown Title Since 1978"

That is one long-lived horse.

BOB: "The Red Cross won't let me give blood."

DENICE: "Why not?!"
BOB: "Because I've had s**... with a man since 1978."
ELMER: "*Really?!* You two must be really tired!"

In 1978, a Russian man buys a Lada...

After he signs the last form, the salesman says, "You can expect delivery on 4 February, 1981."
The man replies, "Morning or evening?"
This is not the reaction that the salesman expects. The most common reaction, of course, is resigned disappointment. Anger was a close second. He'd seen some giggle at the absurdity, and some swear they'd be calling influential friends.
But this? The salesman is dumbfounded. "Morning or evening?! What does it matter! It's in over 2 years!"
"Well," says the man, "It's just that the heater repairman is coming that morning."

Indian Memory man

Once a man was traveling through the west on vacation, when he saw a sign that said, "Meet the Indian Who Never Forgets, Next Exit". Well, being curious, the man stops at the attraction to see the Indian. He asks the man, "What did you have for breakfast on June 9, 1978?" The Indian replies "Eggs!"
Well, everyone has eggs for breakfast, this guy is a charlatan, the man thinks.
10 years later, the same man is on vacation again, and sees the sign for the Indian again. He thinks what the heck, I'll stop in and see him.
When the man approaches the Indian, he holds up his hand and says, "How!"
The Indian replies, "Scrambled."

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