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A man was walking through Northern Ireland in 1975

Someone in a mask came up behind him and put a knife against his throat. Are you Catholic or Protestant? he shouted.

The man realised if he said he was Catholic and his assailant was Protestant, he was dead. Likewise, if he said he was Protestant and his assailant was Catholic, he was dead. After some quick thinking, he came up with a smart answer.

I'm Jewish! he said quickly.

The attacker replied Wow, I must be the luckiest Arab in Ireland!

Why didn't Vietnam return to feudalism following 1975?

'Cause Charlie don't serf.

Good news! I've just inherited an estate from my great grandfather!

Bad news, it's a 1975 Volvo...

To try and quit smoking my wife and I agreed to only smoke after sex..

I've had the same pack since 1975

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