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I played bass on the original Scooby Doo theme song in 1969, then joined Metallica. AMA!

Fine, I didn't actually play the bass on the Scooby Doo theme song, or in any band, but I'd have gotten away with it if it weren't for you metaling kids!

In 1969, the Beatles originally wrote one of their hit songs for a Broadway version of Peter Pan. Captain Hook's right hand man wanted to Broker a truce that would give Hook the ability to fly and give Peter and the Lost Boys safety from pirates. It ended with a big event where Hook and Peter flew..

Come together, right now... over Smee.

A child is visiting his grandparents.

While there, he says to Grandpa:

*- Grandpa, tell me a story about Vietnam!*

The old man says:

*- May 1969, near Khe Sanh. I was in a chopper with four other Marines and the pilot, and some gook shot the pilot. We survived, but the Charlie were waiting there. And then there we were, five guys on some fifty Vietcong...*

The child interrupts:

*- But the last time you told me that story, there were only 20 Vietcong!*

Grandpa says:

*- You were too young to know the horrid truth!*

Chinese soldiers attack a Soviet tractor.

^This ^joke ^originated ^during ^the ^1969 ^Sino-Soviet ^border ^conflict.

**Radio broadcaster:** *"Comrades! Yesterday, a platoon of the Chinese People's Liberation Army attacked an agricultural tractor without provocation."*

*"Fortunately, our tractor returned fire. It then managed to fly back to base for repairs."*

In 1969 we put a man on the moon...

In 2016 we put a man in the ladies restroom.

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