1960s Jokes

Did you know that calculus was never taught in southern schools before the 1960s?

They didn't believe in integration.

Sean Connery caused a public outrage in the 1960s by coming out of his hotel room with feces covering the front of his suit

He told a girl to sit on his lap.

The moon landings looked more realistic than Hillary's rally last week.

And those were faked with 1960s technology.

Russian spacecrafts designed in 1960s don't come around often

Soyuz them wisely.

The 1960s started with beetle mania The 2020s have started with bat fever...

Well I'm hoping Covid-19 is just a one-hit wonder, you know, like Come on Eileen or John Lennon's first wife

What do you call a nonconformist from the 1960s who gets mad at you for enjoying rock music and pot?

A hippiecrite

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