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Did you know that calculus was never taught in southern schools before the 1960s?

They didn't believe in integration.

TIL: During the 1960s, it was i**... for the Chinese people to sit on a sofa.

Because Mao was more of a chair man.

Why didn't Johnny Lawrence's sensei have any children?

Irons became so popular in the 1960s that not a single girl had a Kreese in her pants.

Russian spacecrafts designed in 1960s don't come around often

Soyuz them wisely.

Sean Connery caused a public outrage in the 1960s by coming out of his hotel room with f**... covering the front of his suit

He told a girl to sit on his lap.

The moon landings looked more realistic than Hillary's rally last week.

And those were faked with 1960s technology.

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