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TIL the excuse the US Marine used in May 1943 after accidentally friendly fire'ing a British U-boat.

Woops, wrong sub.

Russian, French and Italian are being interrogated by Germans

It's year 1943
Russian hold for 1 day and gives up.
French hold for 2 days and gives up.
It's finally time for Italian.
He is gone for 1 week, then for second.
Finally after one month he was brought back to the cell.
Russian and French ask in surprise how did you hold for so long
Italian replies how could I tell them something, if my hands were tied?

When I do laundry I tell people I'm going to 1943

Cause I got to separate the w**... and colors

A jewish man walks down the street

He is approached by a native american man who aggresively states
"Your people stole my land!" The jew, knowing that this is incorrect, defends himself.
"i'm not white, i'm jewish, you see," he began, "My family fled here from germany in 1943", but was cut short by the native american.
"My house was taken by the bank"

World War 2 joke

Sometime around 1943, when the Germans were losing the war, h**... decided to boost his army's morale by visiting the front.
While there, he had the oppurtunity to interact with a soldier. He commented, "My brave young man, you are risking your life for the country by standing in the way of the artillery fire. You are sure to die. Would you like me to grant you a final wish?"
"Yes, my Fuhrer ", the soldier repiled. "What is it, brave one?"
"That I have the honor of dying with you!"
>!Dont laugh too hard. 200 German soldiers were executed for hearing this and laughing at it.!<

3 Germans walk into a BAR in 1943

None of them survive.

1943, Jesus walks into a beer hall in Germany...

...but is immediately removed for being the King of Jews.

Germany hasn't been upset this bad in Russia since 1943.

Russian Summer = Russian Winter.

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