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The Best jokes about 1942

Who had it worse than the Jews in 1941?

The Jews in 1942.

1940 I met my first love. 1942 I met my second. Then I met my third at 1948.

It's been a hectic evening.

Duct tape;

turning "no-no-no" into "mm-mm-mm" since 1942.

Germany sets a new record in the world cups.

They arrive in Moscow with ten thousand men. 40 km further than the old record in 1942.

My Jewish Grandmother's favorite Holocaust joke

It's Winter of 1942 and the German SS is in full extermination mode when a new train of Jews comes into the camp. Immediately the Train Conductor goes to the general and tells the general.

"These are the toughest Jews I have ever seen, General."

The general nods. "Then we will take no chances and immediately send them to the crematorium."

The Jews from the train are herded into the crematorium rooms and locked in for three days while the fires rage on. The general comes back to see the fruits of their labor, the toughest Jews burned to ashes. But when he opens the door...

"What are you doing?! You're going to let all the warm air out?!"

TIL Magic Eraser cleaning pads were invented in Germany in 1942.

They called them "White Power" though.

Abbott and Costello

Costello: . . . I was in love with a bow-legged cowgirl and she was roundin' up cattle. Abbott: And what happened? Costello: She couldn't get her calves together. ~ Rio Rita (1942)

My grandfather, who was in the army: In 1940, I met my first love. In 1942, I met my second. Finally in 1952, I met the love of my life.

It was quite a hectic evening.

It's 1942, Berlin. A priest and a rabbi walk into a bar.

The priest walks out.

What did you call a jew in 1942?


Timezones are an impressive concept.

Like in Europe it's morning, in Australia it's evening and in the US it's 1942 and women are still repressed by old white men.

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