1941 Jokes

CoD WW2 is so realistic...

Even the servers are from 1941.

Who had it worse than the Jews in 1941?

The Jews in 1942.

In 1941, a German boy named Hans was listening to the radio.

Over the radio, Hitler announced that Germany was now going to war with the United States.

"Father, where's the United States?" asked Hans. His father pointed on a map to the continental nation in North America.

"And I'm told we're already at war with Russia," the curious lad continued. "Where is Russia?" His father pointed to where Soviet Russia lay in all its time zone-hogging glory.

"And we're also at war with the British Empire," added Hans. "Where is that?" His father pointed out all the territories of the empire upon which the sun never set.

"And where is Germany?" asked Hans. His father pointed to their country in central Europe.

Hans thought for a moment and then said, "Father, has Hitler seen this map?"

Why didn't the Soviet Union join WW2 until 1941?

They were using Stalin-tactics

Germany just lost to Korea 2-0

They haven't been embarrassed this badly in Russia since 1941

I have a York Patty Wrapper from 1941

Its in mint condition

Soviet diplomats

It would be great if in 1941 Italy, Romania, Finland and Spain, having shown solidarity with Germany, limited themselves to the expulsion of several Soviet diplomats.

The last time Japan upset a nation this much was December 7th, 1941.

What did one sailor say to the other on Dec. 7 1941?

There's a little nip in the air.

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