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  1. My grandfather was part of Antifa back in the 1940s. Back then they called it the US Army.
  2. Did you hear about how realistic Call of Duty: WWII is? Sledgehammer Games rented servers from the 1940s to replicate WWII as accurately as possible
  3. Russian joke from the 1940s With all the new ships our navy has been getting, the Aurora is still by far the strongest. I mean, one single shot and an entire country is destroyed.
  4. My great-grandfather worked on the production line for a prosthetic nose manufacturer during the 1940s. We call it the ol' olfactory factory.
  5. A black guy walks into a bar There's no joke here, they can walk into bars, it's not like 1940s lol.
  6. Apparently, a Spanish Dictator invented a type of telephone back in the 1940s. But no one in his home country could understand the words that came through it; Because it was a Francophone.
  7. What was the 1940s gangster's favorite body of water? (in an Edward G Robinson voice) The myah sea
  8. The German soldier in the 1940s was very upset when someone threw salt at him He did NaCl it coming.
  9. I have to say, COD: WWII is very authentic... Even their servers feel like they're from the 1940s!
  10. Want to be moved for free? Just be Jewish , live in 1940s Europe , and be willing to live a ghetto.

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  1. What kind of coffee did Italians most enjoy during the 1940s? Oppresso.
  2. Where do you go to have a white Christmas in the 1940s? Germany
  3. Jesus made 6 thousand people bread, but a guy in the 1940s made 6 million people toast.
  4. Have you guys heard of the coolest bone of the 1940s? It was hip.
  5. Why did the FAA ban flights to the Soviet Union in the 1940s? They were afraid of Stalin.
  6. Who was the best 1940s German comedian? Naziz Ansari
  7. My mate has just came out as a hipster Straight out of the 1940s credenza
  8. What do you call a dust-pile in the 1940s? A jew

1940s joke, What do you call a dust-pile in the 1940s?

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A Russian man lives all alone in a cabin

One day, someone from the government shows up and tells him that due to a map surveyor's error in the 1940s, the cabin he lives in was mistakenly marked as part of Russia, but in fact, it's actually a part of Belarus.
"Oh thank God!" the man exclaims. "I don't think I would have been able to stand another Russian winter here."

TIL that back in the 1940s, as a result of failed communications between engineers and builders, the Soviet Union built thousands of submarines based on recalled 1850s schematics, resulting in millions of dollars in military funding being wasted.

Whoops, wrong sub.

This was in a joke book from the 1940s

h**... went to a fortune teller and asked her, on what day will I die?
The seeress assured him that he would die on a Jewish holiday.
Why are you so sure of that? Demanded h**...
Any day, she replied on which you die will become a Jewish holiday.

A teacher was going over the history syllabus.

The teacher says to the class "We will be learning about history for the next 6 months. Each month I will teach a different decade. We will cover the 1940s, 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s and 2000-2010".
A student puts her hand up and asks "what about the '90s?". The teacher replies saying "only 90s kids remember the 90s".

1940s joke, Have you guys heard of the coolest bone of the 1940s?