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What does Grand Theft Auto and Europe in the 1930s have in common?

If you have a star, you're being chased

Old joke (1930s) - Little kid comes in late to school. Teacher says, "Why ya late?"...

Kid says, "Had a take a heifer down—get 'er bred."

Teacher says, "Couldn't your father do it?"

Kid says, "Sure he could, but not as good as the bull."

In the 1930s, the Italians developed an engine fuel technology that used household spices.

It's true. Mussolini made the trains run on thyme

What is wind?

Air in a hurry.

(My godmother told me that this joke back in 1930s used to be a sure fire starter)

A kid asks if they had colors in the 1930s.

Yeah, but you didn't see them all the way in the back of the bus.

In the 1930s, a Ukrainian farmer was asked "What will the future of this new communist society look like?"

The farmer replied "I don't know, but l am dying to find out."

America in the 1930s be like:

I have crippling depression.

Did you hear about the movie about the girl's first menstrual cycle set in the 1930s?

It was a period piece.

Donald trump has dropped to second place in a national poll.

On the bright side, he's still polling number 1 among Germans of the 1930s

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