1930s Jokes

What does Grand Theft Auto and Europe in the 1930s have in common?

If you have a star, you're being chased

Old joke (1930s) - Little kid comes in late to school. Teacher says, "Why ya late?"...

Kid says, "Had a take a heifer down—get 'er bred."

Teacher says, "Couldn't your father do it?"

Kid says, "Sure he could, but not as good as the bull."

A kid asks if they had colors in the 1930s.

Yeah, but you didn't see them all the way in the back of the bus.

In the 1930s, a Ukrainian farmer was asked "What will the future of this new communist society look like?"

The farmer replied "I don't know, but l am dying to find out."

America in the 1930s be like:

I have crippling depression.

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