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What do you call an antivaxer in the 1920s?


Joke from a 1920s Australian Newspaper


Uncle to nephew playing a game of War with a companion: "If you take the fortress within a quarter of an hour, I'll give you a sixpence."

Youngster (a minute later): "Uncle, sixpence please, the fortress is taken."

Uncle: "How did you manage it so quickly?"

Youngster: "I offered the besieged threepence and he gave in."

Source: The Narracoote Herald, Friday 13, February 1920

I watched Al Jazera and was very disappointed.

Not nearly enough music from the 1920s.

The world was only black and white until the 1920s.

We've even got picture and movie evidence of it.

What do you call a black rapper in 1920s Germany?

Kendrick Weimar

I'm not a hipster...

I've been dressing like this since the 1920s.

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