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No matter how hard it tries, a pollack cannot pose as an Italian

A polish man moves to the USA; it is circa 1920. However, he's having a hard time getting started. Everywhere he goes to get a job he hears "no, we don't hire you dumb pollacks". He is saddened by these blatant stereotypes.

He sees that Italians are succeeding in the new world, and decides he is going to try to pose as an Italian. He spends weeks practicing his accent, learning the culture, and otherwise becoming an Italian.

Once he feels confident he goes into town with his newly adopted persona, and walks into a shop

He yells at the guy behind the counter in a thick italian accent "hey, get me a half pound of your best provolone and full pound of prosciutto"

The man immediately asks "Sir, are you a pollack?"

Disgruntled he goes "....uh, no no, give me my fuckin' meat and cheese"

The man responds "Sir, this is a hardware store."

Timezones are so weird like, it's june 1 in Australia, May 31 in Canada

and still 1920 in America

my sight was getting bad so I went to get glasses ...

I could not afford a pair so I bought a monocle instead -

at least now I have 1920 vision.

My New Year's Resolutions

320 x 320

800 x 600

1440 x 900

1920 x 1080

Timeline of Russian conquests

1552 - Annexation of Kazan

1554 - Annexation of Astrakhan

1555 - Annexation of Siberia

1783 - Annexation of Crimea

1920 - Annexation of Crimea

1944 - Annexation of Crimea

2014 - Annexation of Crimea

What .io games did people play in 1920?


My New Year's resolution

is 1920 x 1080!

The 1920 Red Sox

were completely ruthless...

Hitler wrote a book inspired by the 1920 influenza outbreak...

He called it "Mein Kauph"

Today I asked the gamer what his new year's resolution is.

He said "1920 x 1200"

3840 × 2160

1920 x 1080
1280 x 720

Are the list of my resolutions over the years

Women are like babies

because before 1920, they didn't have the right to vote.

babies still don't.


My resolution for the next year? The same as the previous years...

1920 x 1080

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