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Don't let the Golden State Warriors blowing a 3 - 1 lead in the NBA finals..

..distract you from the fact that the British blew a 13 colony lead in 1776

Why is *traveled* spelled *travelled* by the British?

Because they traveled home with that *L* in 1776

A British man

A British man asks and American,

Why don't you spell colour, armour, or flavour the same way as we do?

The American replied,

We got rid of u in 1776.

Brit: Why is it 'cancelled' in the UK but 'canceled' in America?

Murican: Coz we gave you that L in 1776

Nothing important happened today

- King George III, 4 July 1776

Why is it spelled cancelled in the UK, but canceled in the US?

Because the US handed the L back to the UK in 1776.

Why do Americans pronounce 'solder' as 'sodder'?

Because they gave Britain the L in 1776

Dancing was popular in 1776

The Independance

July 4th, 1776

British: Just saying it, doesn't make you independent..

Thomas Jefferson: I didn't say it, I declared it.

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