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On my 16th birthday my parents tried to surprise me with a car

but I jumped out of the way.

My girlfriends parents and I tried surprising her with a car on her 16th birthday

But she got lucky at the last second and jumped out of the way.

The worst thing about Friday the 13th

Is monday the 16th

Did you know that the 16th presidency had the best records kept?

I think they were called the Lincoln Logs.

It usually only takes me one drink to get completely wasted

I just can't remember if it's the 16th or the 17th

For my 16th birthday, my parents tried surprising me with a car

but they missed

My brother is illiterate

It was his 16th birthday party this past weekend, and boy was it awkward. He just couldn't read the room.

16th joke, My brother is illiterate

The plastic straw bans now happening in many cities were predicted by a 16th Century prophet.

His name was No-straw-damus.

Don't forget, Sperm Donor day is June 16th this year.

It's like Father's Day, but it comes a little early.

On my 16th birthday, my parents wanted to surprise me with a car

but they missed.

If you were born on the September 16th, you were more than likely conceived on Christmas Day.

I was actually born on September 15th, so Christmas came early for my mum.

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Need some meme ideas for school project, regarding the 16th century.

Canterbury tales, Shakespeare,Beowulf using these.

What do you call a damaged instrument in the 16th century?


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