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Chinese vacationers

A Chinese family arrives in Los Angeles to begin their American vacation. They approach the currency exchange window to exchange 10,000 Chinese yuan. The agent gives them $1,600 and they go on their way. They enjoy their vacation but realize their American funds are depleting quickly. They return to the currency exchange a week later to exchange another 10,000 Yuan. This time the exchange agent hands over $1,400. The Chinese man asks in broken yet effective English why the exchanged amount is $200 less. The agent shrugs his shoulders and politely replies "Fluctuations". The Chinese man suddenly becomes enraged and replies "Fluck you Americans!"

In the 1600s people in the islamic states invented the condom by using a goat intestine.

A few hundred years later the British refined the process slightly by taking it out of the goat first.

1600 out of 2000 high school seniors flunked their math exam in my city.

That's almost half!

America is the land of freedom

I mean, it was until 1600.

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