1414 Jokes

An old couple was lying in bed.

The husband let out a resounding fart and said, "Touchdown. Seven points.".

Immediately his wife ripped her own and went, "Touchdown. 7-7!"

The husband responded with another colder and said, "14-7 my game."

Just then the wife came back with another fart and declared, "14-14. I'm staying right with you!"

She then let out a little toot and said, "That must be a field goal. 17-14 my lead!"

Not to be outdone by his wife, the husband pushed as hard as he could to win this game. Unfortunately, he pushed too hard and shat the bed.

His wife asked, "What the heck was that?"

"Half time. Switch sides."

What did the student's extremely basic answer get in the exam?


I met a 14/14 on Tinder

She was extremely basic.

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