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A. D. E. A. Agent shows up looking for plants.

Agent : we have evidence that Marijuana crops may have been planted on your property. May I have a look around?

Farmer : sure, just stay off the back 40 acres.

Agent : slightly perturbed, holds up his badge. "You see this badge? It means I can go anywhere I please.

Farmer : yeah, but I'm warning you, don't go back there.

So naturally the first place the agent goes is the back 40, a few minutes later the agent comes running out with a 1400 pound bull chasing him.
At which the farmer yells "show him your badge".

My dad bought a $1,400 drone the other day.

He said to me, "If this thing crashes, you'll see a *drone* man cry."

They say 1,500 souls died when the Titanic sunk...

But there were about a hundred gingers so it's more like 1,400 souls

Whats the difference between a diamond player and a master player in League of Legends?

About 1400 dollars

To think that out of 14,000,605 futures that Strange had seen, not even one of them has Peter didn't screw up or Thor actually "go for the head".

Thanos must be the luckiest Titan alive.

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