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Funniest 12th Short Jokes

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  1. I hate that September, October, November, and December are somehow the 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th months of the calendar year Whoever messed that up ought to be stabbed
  2. Overheard in line for a movie... Theater employee: "That's an R-rated movie. When's your birthday?"
    Teenage boy: "October 12th."
    Employee: "What year?"
    Boy: "Every year."
  3. I remember the time my cousin completely lost it and threw a giant fit at her 12th birthday party. After she changed her outfit she was fine... It was a post dramatic dress
  4. Dad, can I have another cup of water? Dad: But its your 12th cup tonight!
    Son: I know, the baby's room is still on fire.
  5. I've decided to join Anytime Fitness Because I like to dress up as a 12th century Viking Warrior when I work out.
  6. I was so poor growing up... For my 12th birthday, I got half a cake with 6 candles next to a mirror.
  7. How do you tell from noise whether a person has fallen from 2nd floor or 12th floor? 12th floor- Aaaaaaaaahhh.... fa-thud.
    2nd floor- thud. Aaaaaaaaaaahhh....
  8. Important Announcement to the members of the Flat Earth Society Annual Global Conference will be held this year 12th of May 2017 in Sydney (down under)
  9. This is the Alaska State Police. Where were you during the night of November 14th to February 12th?
  10. You call your 1st grade teacher daddy, it's embarrassing. You call your 12th grade teacher daddy and the cops get involved.

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12th One Liners

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  1. I held the door open for a feminist last month. The trial date is December 12th.
  2. What do you call 12th century guitar music transcribed into a computer format? Midieval.
  3. What do they call the 13th floor in England? The 12th floor.
  4. What do the 12th of July and the end of an essay have in common? They're both summary!
  5. Just sold my homing pigeon for the 12th time in a row
  6. On the 12th day of Christmas
  7. What did the girl with cancer get for her 12th birthday? AIDS
  8. How do you make the 12th man Happy? FIRE BEVELL

12th Man Jokes

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  • So a Scottish man is talking to his angry girlfriend.... She goes, "How many other girls have you had s**... with?" The Scotsman starts counting in his head, but after the 12th sheep, he falls asleep.
12th joke, So a Scottish man is talking to his angry girlfriend....

12th joke, So a Scottish man is talking to his angry girlfriend....

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Lord of the Bow

So I was telling my friend about my prowess with a bow and arrow yesterday. I said "my best round ever didn't start so well, I only scored 1 point with each of my first two arrows. Got better after that, scored 2 with the next, then 3, then 5. On my 12th and final arrow I managed to score 144."
She was quick to point out that this was impossible, so I had to confess it was a fibbin' archery sequence.

Every day, I take the elevator to get to my office.

My office is on the 12th floor, so I always take the elevator up to the 11th floor. I would take the elevator straight to the 12th floor, but that's another story.

c**... origins

Did you know the c**... was invented in a small village in wales in the 12th century. They thought it would be a good idea to use the lower intestine of a sheep to stop their wives becoming pregnant.
Of course, in the 1350's, the English improved on the idea. They took the lower intestine out of the sheep before they used it.

A man walks into a bar and orders 11 shots.

The the bartender pours the shots and asks the man what the occasion is. The man says "First time for a b**... today." The bartender congratulated the man and said "For such an occasion, I'll add a 12th shot on the house." The man said "Nah, don't worry about it. If 11 doesn't get the taste out of my mouth, 12 won't either."

A man was trapped in a burning building...

...on the 12th floor. He ran to the open window and saw a fireman approaching on a long ladder. He felt so relieved to be saved. Before climbing out the window he yelled to the fireman,
"What should I do? Should I go down with you on the ladder, or should I jump to the ground?"
The fireman said, 'The ladder."
The man died.

What's the difference between someone who falls off of the 12th storey, and one who does off of the 2nd?

The first one goes "AAAAHHHHHHHH" and then goes 'Blam!'
The other one goes 'Blam!' and then goes "AAARRGGGHHHHHHH"

12th joke, On the 12th day of Christmas