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Overheard in line for a movie...

Theater employee: "That's an R-rated movie. When's your birthday?"
Teenage boy: "October 12th."
Employee: "What year?"
Boy: "Every year."

I remember the time my cousin completely lost it and threw a giant fit at her 12th birthday party. After she changed her outfit she was fine...

It was a post dramatic dress

I was so poor growing up...

For my 12th birthday, I got half a cake with 6 candles next to a mirror.

What did the girl with cancer get for her 12th birthday?


A young boy wakes up on his 12th birthday.

He then decides to figure out who knows how old he is. First, he comes to his dad and asks:
- Hey dad, it's my birthday today! Do you know how old am I? Dad replies.
- I don't remember son, maybe 14?
-No dad, I'm 12!
After that he decides to ask his grandma, because she is old and probably doesn't know a thing.
- Hey grandma, it's my birthday! Do you know how old am I?
- I can figure it out, - she says, and then proceeds to put her hand inside boy's underwear. She starts to squeeze and roll his t**... around and after about 5 minutes she says:
- You're 12.
The boy amazed by grandma's technique asks how did she figure it out.
- I've heard you and dad talk.

Share These 12th Birthday Jokes With Friends