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Man my friends are such jerks, as soon as I tell them I'm a dance addict...

...what do they do? Put me in this amazing 12-step program.


We need a 12-step group for compulsive talkers.

It would be called On Anon Anon.


What's the 12-step program for people that just can't shut the hell up?

On and on anon.


There's a 12-step group for chromatic notes...

An octave


Best (worst) Wine and Chocolate Jokes Thread

Can we do this? My parents have these crappy wine / chocolate jokes on knick knacks around their house...

*i joined the 12-step program for chocoholics -- now I'm never 12 steps away from chocolate*

Nyuck nyuck nyuck. Hate you!

*i love cooking with wine.. sometimes i even put it in the food!*

Please be dead.

Let's hear your best (worst) wine and Chocolate jokes!


My Dad wanted more kids, But my mom didn't...

She was really committed to the 12-step program. Every time she got pregnant she would throw her self down a flight of stairs.


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