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Courtesy of my 11-year-old: Dad, what's the difference between a humorous reference and an imaginary bread?

One is a wry allusion and the other is a rye illusion.

What did the grape say when it got stepped on?

Nothing, it just let out a little whine.

Mi son then went on to say !!! I went for a job interview today and the manager said,"We're looking for someone who is responsible"

..."Well I'm your man" I replied,"In my last job, whenever anything went wrong they said I was responsible"

My 11-year-old made me laugh with these !!!

My 11-year-old grandson spent a beautiful

My 11-year-old grandson spent â€Ļa beautiful Saturday playing video games. His older sister tried coaxing him outside by warning, Someday, you're going to be 30 years old, single, and living in Mom's basement playing video games all day!

His reply: I can only dream.

A guy walks to the pharmacy to buy condoms

A guy goes to the pharmacy. `I need some

condoms for my 11-year-old daughter', he says.

The pharmacist is shocked: `Your daughter is s**... active at 11?'.

The guy says,'Not really, she just lies there
like her little brother

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