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Know what's the hardest thing about having s**... with a Japanese girl?

Trying to find an octopus at 11PM.

my brother just called me (11pm) with a joke so funny he was still laughing

**what is a bear without teeth?**
**answer: a gummy bear**
since he made it up all by himself, i informed him that i could no longer publicly claim him as my brother. he understood completely.

Back in 1998, Chelsea Clinton was in high school and went out on a date one night.

Hillary set an 11pm curfew, but Chelsea didn't return to the White House until after midnight.
Hillary had waited up, and grilled her daughter over being late.
Her last question: You didn't have s**... with that boy, did you?
Chelsea: Not according to Dad.

I try to go to sleep before 11pm every night

I never have, but I still try every night.

If England wins the World Cup for the first time ever, pubs will be totally INSANE in England!

and close at 11pm instead of 10:30pm on Sunday!

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