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9/11 was a national tragedy.

So is 11/9.


During a marriage preparation class, the teacher asked how many kissable areas there are on a woman's body

One guy said, "18."

A French guy in the back yelled, "119!"

Another guy said, "12."

The French guy piped up again, "119!"

A sweet girl in the front said, "I know only one...the lips!"

The French guy shouted, "120!"


A man walks into a hotel...

A man walks into a hotel and heads for the elevator. He starts scratching his head, and out of nowhere a woman walks around the corner and his elbow hits her right in the boob. He says "I'm so sorry ma'am, if your heart is as soft as your boob I would hope you could forgive me." She looks at him and says, "If your dick is as hard as your elbow, I'm in room 119."


9/11 never forget

11/9 always regret



The day America terrorized themselves.


Without the Americans we wouldn't have 9/11

We would have 11/9 instead.


I just noticed the Periodic Table has been updated recently. Welcome #119- "AH"!

The element of surprise!


Dyslexic Terrorists

Showed up on 11-9.


Some people say that 9/11 was America's darkest hour

but they got it backwards, 11/9


America's biggest nightmare...

was 9/11. Now, it's 11/9.


119 years ago today a Canadian cargo vessel sank off the coast of New York, her cargo 50,000 cases of mayonnaise.

And that's why we celebrate Sinko de Mayo


In USA they remember it as 911, In middle East....

They remember it as 119


Simple step to piss off US citizens

Say 11/9 instead of 9/11


I don't believe in 9/11

I'm pretty sure it was on 11/9


Today is 11/9

Not 9/11.


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