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Top 10 of the Funniest 10yearold Jokes and Puns

I met up with my internet friend yesterday.

We were both disappointed when we realised we were both middle aged men, and not 10-year-old girls.

A joke from my 10-year-old - what kind of car would a mouse or rat drive?

A Mouse-or-ratty

As a 10-year-old, I find online dating real tough.

Every person I meet ends up in jail!

10yearold joke, As a 10-year-old, I find online dating real tough.

Just got back from my pedicure

And I no longer find the neighbour's 10-year-old daughter attractive

What does the kale farmer say to the meat farmer?


(Original joke from my 10-year-old son).

[dirty and awful] My girlfriend's dad called me a pedophile...

I said, that may be true, but I'm not the one selling my 10-year-old for sex.

I hired a Princess for our 10-year-old Daughter

When the princess got here, She was wearing Lingerie, She told me she was here for Daniel. Daniel is our 20-year-old son.

10yearold joke, I hired a Princess for our 10-year-old Daughter

Two pedophiles are enjoying lunch on a park bench when a 10-year-old boy walks by...

One pedophile leans over to the other and says, "Boy, I bet he was really something back in the day."

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