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I was once driving down the road..

..where I read a sign which said,
Speed limit 30km
I slowed down to 30km/h
A little further, another one
Speed limit 20km
I had to slow down even more,
Moving on, I saw another one
Speed limit 10km
My speedometer had come down to 10km/h
Not long after that, there was another
Speed limit 1km
I pulled over and started pushing my car to a point where I finally saw the last sign,
Welcome to Speed Limit

Feeling bad about not getting enough exercise?

Get a dog and name him 10 kilometres so you can say you walk/run 10km every day.
(Doesn't work in America though.)

Is it wrong to hate a certain race?

I'm ok with a 5km but really don't like 10km.

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