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I hate how funerals are always at 9 or 10am...

I'm not really a mourning person.

Two old friends meet in bar...

[translated from Turkish]
-Hey Jack! How have you been! It's been months!
-Bonjour Monsieur ! Indeed, it's been a while
-"Bonjour Monsieur"? What's this French?
-Mais biensur !
-Don't screw with me Jack. I know you don't know French. We both went to the same school and we never had any French lessons!!
-No, no! I'm learning via the radio. 99.3 FM. Every day at 10AM you have French lessons. Very easy, I suggest you try.
-Oh, ok, cool I'll give a try tomorrow.
Next morning he calls Jack:
-Yo Jack, I have those old radios with a needle for tuning. Does it work with those old radios too?
-Sure! Scroll to 99, then go a little further to the right.
-Oh cool! Thx!
-Mais de rien !
-oh! s**... already...
Couple of weeks later, he meets Jack again. And Jack asks:
-Salut mon ami, How is your French?
- Shhhszzzzoussssshzzziuhli! (static noise)
[probably not the best written joke :/]

Why does Donald Trump tweet at 3 AM?

Because it's 10am in Moscow during business hours.

Me: I'll have a beer

Waiter: It's 10AM
Me: I'll have a beer and eggs

The 16-yo son returns home at 10am the next day..

.. The Father asks angrily: "Son, where have you been for such a long time?"
Son replies: "Dad, I'm not a v**... anymore!"
The father in relaxed tone: "Son, sit down and tell me the whole story".
The son replies: "Telling the story OK, but sitting NO!"

A man orders a coffee in a cafe.

When it arrives, he drinks and promptly spits out his first sip.
'Waiter!' he calls,'this coffee tastes like it's a day old.'
'Thank you sir,' is the reply,'it's yesterdays coffee.'
The man gives the coffee back to the waiter and says: 'thank you for your honesty. I'd really like to drink today's coffee.'
Taking the coffee, the waiter says: 'we open at 10AM tomorrow, you're welcome to drop by then!'

As an Aussie; 10am is when I make a cuppa Twinings English Breakfast for the local marsupials

it's a really koala tea time

This monday there will be a solar eclipse at 10am...

Followed shortly after by f**... proceedings for the Flat Earth Society.

Jean: Geoff, why were you not at the f**...? It was a 10am!

Geoff: Sorry I'm not a f**... person.

10am joke, Jean: Geoff, why were you not at the f**...? It was a 10am!

Share These 10am Jokes With Friends

10am joke, Jean: Geoff, why were you not at the f**...? It was a 10am!

10am joke, Jean: Geoff, why were you not at the f**...? It was a 10am!