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I've decided that from January 1st, I'm only going to watch things that are 1080p and above.

It's my new year's resolution.

My News Years Resolution...


Anyone still keeping up with their New Year's resolutions?

I am... Still 1080p

What do you call crystal clear urine?


Two monitors are at a new years party...

One says "So, what's your new years resolution?"
The other replies "1080p".

What do you call really clear urine?


A feminist once asked me, "What's your view on lesbians?"

I said "1080p"

A boyfriend and a girlfriend are taking on New Year's Eve

Girlfriend: What'cha doin'?

Boyfriend: Watching the ball drop on my laptop.

Girlfriend: Cool. What's your New Year's resolution?

Boyfriend: 1080p

What do you call crystal clear pee?


Was the YouTube HQ shooter shooting in 4K or 1080p?

Nowadays everyone has their own opinion on lesbian relationships. I have my own opinion as well. How do I see them?

In 1080p

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What do you call an instigated stack of pancakes?

An inclination of 1080p breakfast.


Life is just Sims 4 in 1080p.

What do you call an instigated mashed potato?

An inclination of 1080p dinner.

What do you call an instigated collection of instruments?

An inclination of 1080p music

What do you call an instigated battery?

An inclination of 1080p voltage.

What do you call an instigated teenager?

An inclination of 1080p mood swings.

What do you call an instigated first day of the year?

An inclination of 1080p New Year's.

What do you call an instigated rocket?

An inclination of 1080p liftoff.

What do you call an instigated ticket?

An inclination of 1080p admission.

What do you call an instigated angry gamer?

An inclination of 1080p swearing.

What do you call an instigated garden?

An inclination of 1080p plants.

What do you call an instigated emoji?

An inclination of 1080p emotion.

What do you call an instigated playground?

An inclination of 1080p children.

My teacher asked me how I view lesbian relationships...

Apparently 1080p Full Screen HD wasn't the right answer.

Next January I will only be watching videos on 1080p

It's my new years resolution

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